New to MS... but not really
ya can’t win them all

Last night I made chicken bog in the slow cooker. I have tried 2 other times in the big castiron pot. Eachtime I’ve had to throw it out because half of the rice didn’t cook. So I thought for sure if I did it in the crock pot, I’d be good to go. No.I was wrong. I think I know what I’m doing wrong, so I’m going to give it one more try. If it still isn’t right, I will claim defeat and remove chicken bog from my recipe list forever. I’m tired of throwing away food. (there’s no way to fix it and it’s way inedible) I just hate claiming defeat. especially since I love chicken bog, but man this pisses me off. I made an apple cobbler for dessert, and following the theme of the night, the topping was under cooked. Thank goodness that was fixed by another 10 min in the oven, and was very yummy.

I have food depression, but not like everyone else. I get so mad and sad and depressed if something I bake or cook doesn’t turn out exactly how I want it. I’m not a whole lot of fun to be around when my food isn’t right. Grrrrrf!

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